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dabira (PRONOUNCED"dab-e-rah") is a yoruba word with a dual meaning serenity & god does wonders.

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about us

When choosing a candle from Dabira Candle Company, not only are you bringing joy to yourself or someone special but each time a candle is purchased, you’re also helping make the world a better place. Thanks to our company mission we will donate part of the proceeds for each candle sold to a Nigerian children’s orphanage, after all – our company name means ‘God does Wonders and Serenity.


Our candles

All Dabira Candles are Hand-poured in Oakland, CA from 100% organic soy wax. Each of our scents is specially curated and holds a nostalgic memory to the owner Shola. Dabira Candle Company uses 100% cotton wicks to ensure a toxin-free burn, and each candle is hand-poured with passion and care. Dabira Candles are poured into reusable glass vessels to create a 9oz candle that offers up to 60 hours burn time for long lasting joy.


our mission

to make your day more fragrant. our soy candles are not only amazing, but serve a purpose. a portion of the proceeds from each candle will go towards helping a youth ORPHANAGE in nigeria.